NG pot, pan and utensil flight machines


"Combining advanced technology and functional design in every detail, this range delivers more than excellent washing performance.
It minimizes water, chemical and energy consumption, eases operational flexibility and sets the standard for safe, ergonomic design."

NGR 602

NGR 902

NGR 602/E

NGR 902/E

NG 602

NG 902

NG 1202

NG 602/E

NG 902/E

NG 1202/E

Can Easly Handle:

Containers of any shape and size




Heat Recovery Unit

This system uses the heat already generated to warm incoming water to reduce energy consumption and costs. It also minimizes the steam released to promote a more comfortable work environment and speed up drying of glasses and dishes.

Heat Pump

Our fourth generation heat pump technology is the payoff of progressive innovation. It uses the heat released by the machine to warm the water and delivers up to 50% energy savings. This offers numerous advantages:

  • Easy connection to cold water
  • Makes your activity more profitable


Reduces energy consumption by activating the prewash and the wash pump only when dishes are entering the machine. Otherwise, the machine resides in standby mode.


Final rinse water is reused during the pre-rinse phase of the following cycle.
This system significantly reduces water consumption while also lowering energy and rinse-aid amounts.

Midwash Plus

Additional wash that reuses part of the Ecorinse water. This reduces the quantity of water added in the wash area and consequently saves up to 50% in detergent consumption.

Hygiene Plus System (HPS)

The HPS option monitors water and energy consumption in real time while allowing users to track washing information according to HACCP standards.

Emergency Override (EOR)

If an electronic malfunction occurs, the EOR ensures the machine drive system, wash pumps and heating elements continue to operate so you can organize servicing at a time that is most convenient for your operation.

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