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ECO2 RINSE A smart system that optimises resources

Double water savings
In COMENDA dishwashers, the rinse is carried out only when dishware enters the rinse zone, which can result in incredible savings when the machine is not completely full. The ECORINSE system collects the clean rinse water in a tank and, by means of a pump, reuses it to perform a pre-rinse with clean water, thus reducing by 20% the amount of water required for the final rinse. When the dishware reaches the ECORINSE area, it is wet with detergent residue.
This water is obviously removed during the pre-rinse and final rinse, which causes the contamination of the clean water present in the ECORINSE tank and requires a supply of fresh water from the rinse in order to dilute the detergent residuals present in the ECORINSE tank.
The ECO2RINSE system features a neutral module, between the wash and rinse modules, which allows the water and detergent to drain of the dishware before entering the rinse zone, this reduces the amount of fresh water required for rinsing guaranteeing savings by up to 20%.

The amount of rinse water used is generally proportional to the amount of dishes that have to be washed.
ECO2RINSE maintains the amount of water constant used regardless of the output per hour.