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5 good reasons to choose ECO2

1 Less water consumed
Water is a precious resource that must be used carefully and sparingly. ECO2 by Comenda significantly reduces the amount of water used during dishwashing..

2 More energy efficiency
As 0.48 kg of CO2 are released into the atmosphere for every kWh of energy produced, limiting the use of energy offers the opportunity of truly safeguarding the environment.

3 Less chemicals used
Chemicals must be used appropriately in order not to affect the delicate environmental balance: ECO2 optimizes the use of detergents, thus limiting the dispersion of contaminants.

4 Lower operating costs
The products developed by Comenda offer such a level of saving that the actual investment can be recovered with fast payback.

5 Access to financial incentives
An increasing number of states, regions and local authorities, that are more aware of the need of protecting the ecosystem, offer financial incentives to consumers who decide to purchase equipment with a low environmental impact.