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Comenda wins the energy saving challenge

The need for protecting the environment, reducing the use of energy and achieving savings are hot topics today, but they are not new to Comenda that has been supporting the concepts of affordability and environmental friendliness since 1992. For the company these are not simply a trend to follow, but true values and long-term investments.

The "green" approach of the company is confirmed by the following data: for each kWh of energy produced, 0.48 kg** of CO2 are released into the atmosphere, which means that every gram of water that is not used for washing triples the savings in terms of energy required to produce it and heat it and also the amount of chemicals used.

The new Comenda dishwashers offer energy savings up to 40%, in addition to generating low amounts of carbon dioxide and offering maximum biocompatibility thanks to the use of components and packaging materials that are 98% recyclable.

Other important factors to take into account are the Kyoto Protocol and the heavy sanctions imposed to the signing members for each ton of carbon dioxide produced, which have led several countries, including Italy, to introduce financial incentives to promote the purchase of environmentally friendly products.

The solutions developed by Comenda are fully aligned with this global strategy because they are designed to guarantee top performance and feature innovative options that ensure maximum efficiency, simplify maintenance and improve the working conditions of operators.

** Italian CO2 emission for every kWh produced.